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    Kevin Metzler is the founder and original Financial Advisor of Family Wealth Strategies, LLC. He leads a team of advisors that offer fee-based investment advisory services through FWS Investments, LLC., a KY-Registered Investment Advisor through AE Wealth Management, LLC, on the institutional Fidelity investment platform.                                                                During Kevin’s 40+ years in the Financial services industry, he has provided assistance to hundreds of individual and corporate clients, helping them grow and protect their investments and estates, as well as developing predictable retirement income strategies. Kevin is dedicated to overseeing client’s accounts with their best interests in mind and not that of the firms – as guiding principle.                                                                                                    His passionate commitment to a holistic approach to financial services, including legacy (wills and trusts), tax (repositioning assets), risk (age appropriate), income (stable and predictable), and investment (actively managed) planning sets FWS apart as a highly sought-after firm.                          Kevin resides in Lexington with his wife, Brenda. Together they have four sons, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Kevin has served as president of the Christian Businessman’s Committee of the Bluegrass and is a sought-after speaker and Bible teacher. He has been a member of the National Ethics Bureau and Better Business Bureau, and has been published in Bloomberg Business week, Forbes, and Money Magazine.

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(502) 749-1439
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Family Wealth Strategies LLC is an independent financial services firm that utilizes a variety of investment and insurance products. Investment advisory services offered only by duly registered individuals through AE Wealth Management, LLC (AEWM). AEWM and Family Wealth Strategies LLC are not affiliated companies.

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